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Hi USB Pros,

I was lucky enough to receive this email from Crestron. It looks like these systems are coming out September 2015.

Surface Hub Lifestyle
Two years in the making
The culmination of two years of collaboration with Microsoft, the joint solution combines the premier large format Windows® touch appliance with the leading global solution in control, automation, and video distribution.

As a result, Crestron has developed the only complete, integrated conference room solution that has:

Windows control app that resides on Surface Hub to control room AV, lights, shades, and thermostats
Ability to launch Surface Hub apps directly from Crestron table top touch screens
Any content from any device can be displayed on the Surface Hub from anywhere in the room or enterprise
Pass through touch functionality from the Surface Hub to touch-compatible connected devices
Turnkey, validated, packaged system with built-in program for quick and reliable installation
Crestron 4K Certification that is rigorously tested and validated to work with a complete 4K DigitalMedia™ system
Ability to book and schedule meetings from the Crestron TSS touch screen just outside the room
Monitoring, management, and control capabilities of all Surface Hub rooms on the network using Crestron Fusion® software
Native Integration

Our complete packages are designed to natively integrate with Surface Hub. Built on the .AV Framework™ platform, they're ready to go right out of the box. You get all the power of Crestron control and Crestron Fusion® enterprise management without having to type a single line of code.
Monitor and manage everything on the network
Using Crestron Fusion enterprise management software with the joint solution enables IT managers to centrally monitor, manage, and control each piece of technology in every room across the enterprise. Robust reporting provides room and device usage information so managers can make data driven decisions about scheduling, purchasing, and space allocation. Also, IT can monitor system performance, get instant alerts when issues arise, and resolve problems proactively – so meetings aren’t delayed or interrupted.

Six packages, available through Crestron – shipping in September
Crestron is the only Strategic Partner Reseller and Technology Partner authorized to sell Surface Hub worldwide. With six different Surface Hub packages to choose from, you’ll find one that’s perfect for every application.
Integrator Kits
Two base Integrator Kit packages include all the equipment you need for a complete Surface Hub meeting room solution. Integrator Kits offer the flexibility to purchase the Microsoft Surface Hub separately from any authorized reseller or distributor and qualify for all normal Crestron rebate programs.

Integrator Kit 1:
DMPS3-4K-150-C (DigitalMedia Presentation System)
TSW-752 (7” tabletop touchscreen)
Crestron Connect It™ (TT-100 tabletop presentation interface and cable management)
TSS-752 (7” scheduling touchscreen)
All necessary cabling
Integrator Kit 2:
DMPS3-4K-150-C (DigitalMedia Presentation System)
TSW-1052 (10” tabletop touchscreen)
(2) Crestron Connect It™ (TT-100 tabletop presentation interface and cable management)
(2) USB-EXT-DM-REMOTE & (1) USB-EXT-DM-LOCAL (USB touch switching between Connect Its)
AirMedia™ (AM-100 wireless presentation connectivity)
TSS-752 (7” scheduling touchscreen)
All necessary cabling
Surface Hub bundles
Complete, bundled packages with either a 55-inch HD or an 84-inch 4K Surface Hub may also be purchased directly from Crestron.* Bundles also include Surface Hub wall mounts.

Bundle 1: Everything from Integrator Kit 1 plus a 55” Surface Hub**
Bundle 2: Everything from Integrator Kit 1 plus a 84” 4K Surface Hub**
Bundle 3: Everything from Integrator Kit 2 plus a 55” Surface Hub**
Bundle 4: Everything from Integrator Kit 2 plus a 84” 4K Surface Hub**
Pricing and availability
Microsoft Surface Hubs are set to begin shipping in September (exact date to be announced by Microsoft). Crestron Surface Hub Packages will be available day 1 of the Surface Hub release. Please stay tuned for our follow up email with package pricing detail, the date we will start accepting orders, and product ship dates.

Learn more
For more information on the ultimate Surface Hub collaboration solution, and details on the six Surface Hub packages, visit the product page.
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