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Everyone's Doing it, Even Your Favorite Celebrities

Google Hangout and YouTube Live have become our celebrities go to for broadcasting their breaking news and debuting their new lines.

Conan O'Brien, a beloved late night American TV host and proud member of Google Hangout, has utilized his Google Hangout account to its full potential.With over 210,000,000 views to his account, Conan is demonstrating just how effective a google account can be as well as how many people you can reach.With a Google Hangout account you can employ YouTube Live and stream live video to millions of followers at once, gaining publicity and awareness for your cause.In Conan's case, he successfully used his account to promote his new show time and to interact over video chat with his audience allowing them to get to know more about Conan and his show. You can watch his debut YouTube Live video here. 

​ Tyra Banks, a fierce supermodel, as her google plus profile states, and TV host. Tyra has 150 million views on her google plus page and 7 million followers and with this amount of public access it is the perfect medium to reach her customers and promote her new line of cosmetics called Tyra Beauty. She has used google hangout to come face to face with her fans and learn directly from the source what it is her audience wants.View to her first YouTube Live video here. 

Face the Nation, a cause to educate the public on political matters sponsored by CBS, utilized google hangout and YouTube Live to live stream a debate between six Hispanic political leaders concerning the value and power of Hispanic voters leading up to the 2012 presidential election.It was a revolutionary concept in 2012 to have six political leaders from around to world to be able to come together and debate without leaving their own homes, and in addition to that, have their debate streamed live on YouTube for anyone with internet access to see. Watch one of their first live streams here.

President Obama, our nation's leader, uses the YouTube Live feature to video conference his presidential address to the citizens of the USA.Obama is able to reach any person with a screen and an internet connection with a live stream of his presidential address, this allows his voice to be heard regardless of what cable provider or channels you use.The internet is this generation's main source of news and information, and YouTube Live is the optimal host to stream your data to the public. 

Google Hangout and YouTube Live are the future of global video communication, with their vast reach to the populous and streaming speeds this applications are the perfect medium to broadcast data and communicate with colleagues, customers, and friends.  YouTube Live allows you to broadcast a live stream of video to anyone with access to the internet. Google Hangout is a way to video conference with multiple people at one in a group video chat. Celebrities and politicians have utilized this technology and have seen an amazing positive response from their target audience.

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