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Top Video Conferencing Android Apps

Top Video Conferencing Android Apps

Top Video Conferencing Apps on Android Video conferencing is growing at a rapid pace and more than 200 million people use it as a tool for communication every day. Organizations are making VTC as their primary mode for communication and with the introduction of various business VTC platforms it has grown immensely. General public is already utilizing video conferencing or video calls for long distance communication. Since the introduction of smartphones, voice and video calls over the internet have increased by more than 500% and many developers have introduced their own video conferencing apps on both Android and iOS. Let's take a look at some of the most popular video conferencing apps on Android:

Lync 2013 (Skype for Business)

Professionals are already aware of Microsoft Lync because it is one of the most popular communication tool used in organizations. Microsoft has updated Lync to Skype for Business but its Android counterpart is still waiting for an update. Microsoft Lync is used by more than 80 million professionals in their offices. The Android version, Lync 2013 is gaining popularity but at the moment there are roughly 5 million users. Lync 2013 requires Lync server setup which is integrated with the Android app for use. Without Lync server, the Android app is useless for an average user because it requires credentials from in-house office setup to log-in.

It is an excellent tool for video conferencing since it is connected with your professional contacts and you can join any meeting while you are away on vacation. It allows instant messaging, video calls, voice calls, call forwarding from the enterprise number and enterprise grade security. 


Skype was one of the first video calling tool available to the masses. It is now acquired by Microsoft, the developer of Lync 2013. After a few years of its acquisition Microsoft has integrated both Skype and Lync together to deliver a better experience. 250 million people use Skype daily for chats, video calls, voice calls and group calls. It is an ideal solution for long distance communication because it is absolutely free and only requires internet connectivity. Skype also offers calls to mobile and landline numbers but in order to avail this service, users need to purchase Skype credits.


ooVoo is another video calling platform for the general public as well as professionals. Although it does not come with Lync's enterprise level security but ooVoo promotes its SuperClear technology which is superior compared to its competitors. ooVoo users can have a conference call with up to 12 people at a time and the SuperClear technology offers excellent quality while consuming less data bandwidth. Users can share their photos, video and voice messages on ooVoo as well. It is one of the most popular video call apps on Android with 50 million downloads and counting.


Every Android user is aware of Hangouts because it is developed by the father of Android, Google. Hangouts is part of Google+ and in Nexus devices it is also the primary app for texting. Hangouts is an excellent app for video and voice calls because it supports cross platform capabilities as well as allows up to 100 people in a group chat. Hangouts support integration with many Google apps such as Maps and Photos which can be used to share your location or latest photos. It is also one of the very few apps with GIF support and comes with voicemail integration as well.


In some countries, some very popular apps are banned which has given an opportunity for other developers to capture the market. Tango is one of those apps with some added features. Tango is extremely popular in Middle East because WhatsApp and Viber are banned there. Tango allows instant messaging, group chats, voice and video calls as well as support for mini games. Two users can play mini games together to pass time with the help of Tango. The app also allows you to find new friends with its "Find people nearby" feature. It increases socializing and connectivity amongst its users. This is one of the reason of its popularity and 500 million downloads.


Viber is another cross platform video conferencing app for Android. It is available on Windows, iOS and Android. It is one of the most popular apps with the highest rating and five star reviews compared to all other mentioned apps. In terms of features, it is no different compared to others. It offers IM, video and voice calls, photo sharing, location sharing, emoticons and stickers. Viber also offers mini games similar to Tango and group chat with up to 100 people. Viber is one of the few apps with Android Wear support and its superior video quality makes it ideal for video conferencing.

​Lync 2013 ​Skype ​OoVoo​Hangouts​Tango​Viber
​Developer ​Microsoft ​Microsoft ​OoVoo LLC​Google Inc​Tango​Viber Media
​Downloads​1-5 MIllion​500 million - 1 Billion​10 - 50 Million​100 - 500 Million​100 - 500 Million​​100 - 500 Million
​Rating​3.9/5 Stars​4.1/5 Stars4.3/5 Stars
​4.3/5 Stars​4.3/5 Stars
​4.3/5 Stars
​Actual Reviews​8,862​

-Video Calls
-Voice Calls
-Lync Meetings
-PSTN Calls
-Enhanced Security

-250m users
-Voice Calls
-Video Calls
-Low cost calls to mobile and landline
-File Sharing
-Video Messaging

-Video Calls
-Voice Calls
-SuperClear Technology
-Group Chats
-Cross Platform

-Text Messages
-Group Chats with up to 100 people
-Photos, maps, GIFs, emoji & sticker support
-Video Call
-Call to phone numbers
-Voicemail integration
-Cross Platform

-Video Calls
-Voice Calls
-Mini games
-Group chats
-Stickers, photos, music, voice, video messages support
-Discover & connect
-Find new friends

-Voice Calls
-Video Calls
-Photos, video & messages, location, emoticons &
stickers support
-Group chat with up to 100 people
-Public Chats
-Android Wear support
-Cross Platform

​Requirements​Android 4.0+​Varies by deviceAndroid 2.3+​​Varies by device​Varies by device
​Android 2.3+
​*For Lync 2013 you need a Lync server setup to use

All these apps are excellent for video conferencing on Android. In terms of professional use, Lync 2013 is the best app but it needs several improvements before it can become the primary app for users. Microsoft is preparing a Skype for Business version which will resolve current issues being faced by its users.

For general public, Hangouts does offer additional features such as Hangout on Air which can be used for live streaming but apart from that all apps offer almost the same features. Judging by the reviews and ratings, Viber is the best app on Android for video conferencing but it is hard to match ooVoo's superior video quality. Overall it comes down to your personal preference. It could be that you just like the layout of Google Hangouts or that you like the color scheme of Viber. You can also do a few tests to see which environment performs best for you and those you wish to video conference with around the world.

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