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Video Conferencing & Carbon Emissions

Video Conferencing & Carbon Emissions

Today we wanted to acknowledge a really cool web app that helps organizations determine their carbon footprint and the amount of carbon they can offset with video conferencing. CRS teamed up with USB Pros to show off just exactly how easy it is to calculate an organizations carbon footprint. This website,www.PledgeVideo.Org,provides great information on calculating the carbon emissions reduction you can expect from video conferencing. Without going to far into this blog post the below quotation is from PledgeVideo.Org

"We make calculating your CO2 reduction from video conferencing super easy! Join the club and hold your companies commitment to the environment in the light!"

Step 1: Calculate Carbon Footprint
Calculate your Cabon Usage

Let's first calculate your organizations estimated Carbon Footprint.

Carbon Footprint.jpg
Step 2: Measure Your Offset
How much can we reduce?

Then we calculate your carbon offset through reduced business travel and productivity. Feel free to add other source of reductions in (Tons of CO2)

Step 3: Calculate Carbon Neutrality
Take a step toward Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Neutrality is the amount % of carbon you offset versus what you consume. This shows the overall health of an organization and their environmental impact.


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