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How to record YouTube Live Streams

How to record YouTube Live Streams

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So this has been a popular question we wanted to answer with a couple of our favorite solutions. Like most audio visual related questions there is more than one answer to the question "How do I record my YouTube Live Stream?" Well, YouTube Live does have this feature built in which is super easy to use because it's automatic. But you may find yourself wanting to add additional functionality such as recording multiple audio sources which you can do with some hardware and software solutions available.  Were going to break this down into two main categories: Software and Hardware solutions.

Using YouTube Live Recording

One of the great things about YouTube Live is that your entire stream up to 8 hours will be recorded an placed into your YouTube Creator Studio. By default this video recording is set to public viewing rights. Since this is a live braodcast YouTube is assuming you also want to promote your video after your live stream and your YouTube Live page is then converted into a regular YouTube video which is available for replay. If you want the video to be set as private you can do that in your YouTube Account. When you are done with your Hangout on Air or YouTube Live stream you will see a message from YouTube Stating

A recording of the broadcast will now be uploaded to your YouTube channel and will automatically replace the live video players that were shared (that includes embedded videos). Please allow a few minutes for the upload and processing... You can view your recording in the your YouTube Video Manager,

YouTube Live

So YouTube Live and YouTube itself have a happy marriage where your videos can be live streamed, recorded and available for replay all in the same video suite. This is great for live broadcasts that you want to stream live and then have available for your audience to view later. There are other ways to record your YouTube Live Streams with both software and hardware which we will review later. 

Recording with Software

A software solution can be the most affordable and easy fix. Since everything on your YouTube Live stream is most likely on your computer anyway you can use a screen capture solution that has audio capture built in. TechSmith offers a couple of different solutions including the popular Camtasia and Snagit. Snagit is only $50 per license and it does include the built in "Audio Capture" your going to want to capture both video and audio. The main difference between Camtasia and Snagit is that Camtasia has built in video editing so it has much more options for post-production. Snagit has the ability to simply select your video input by selecting the area on your screen you want to record. You can then select the audio source you want paired with the recording and your good to go. This doesn't get in the way of your YouTube Live streaming because it's an outside recording. Here is an example of how it works for a couple of similar situations such as Skype, Google Hangouts and 

Options for handling audio (Software)

If you are going the software route then there are a couple of different options you can use for recording your audio. First of all you need to decide what exactly you want to record because you could record a stream on top of your YouTube Live stream such as telephone feed, microphone or your own voice over. For this article we are going to assume you simply want a direct recording of your YouTube Live stream and therefore you want to record the audio coming out of your computer to YouTube Live. It's important to make sure you have the most up to date drivers for the device you plan to use (most likely a USB microphone or XLR microphone converted to USB) and test your system to ensure no conflicts with other devices exist. For the best audio experience we suggest you update your driver and software to latest versions available.

If you are using Camtasia you actually have the option of recording multiple audio tracks as you can see in the gallery pictures below. But to keep this simply let's assume you have a USB microphone and your recording that audio which is also streaming to YouTube Live. 

Using a Hardware Solution

Hardware recording solutions are the easiest to operate and get the most consistently high quality results. Hardware solutions have the ability to record your video and audio upstream. Solutions such as the Epiphan Pearl include capabilities of managing multiple video and audio device configurations before they are sent to YouTube Live. Therefore not only can you record the stream independently to YouTube Live you can also switch between multiple cameras, microphones and preset layouts such as Picture in Picture. 

"Pearl takes things to the next level for us! We're extremely excited about Pearl because it reduces cables, connections, and setup time while increasing our product offering and dramatically reducing the time and effort required to bring final end products to our customers."

Mr. Michael W. Doane,President at Source of Knowledge

The Epiphan Peral uses the advanced settings in YouTube Live to send a RTMP stream directly to YouTube. This stream can then be managed by the IP interface and/or the built in touch screen on the Pearl. The Pearl also has a onboard 1TB hard drive where you can store all of your recordings. This is a great way to manage your live streams locally on your Epiphan Pearl which can put your network, set to off load to a FTP server or even available to download directly to your personal computer. Hardware solutions like the Epiphan Pearl are popular with educational and corporate organizations who do a lot of live streaming and presentations. The Epiphan Pearl is extremely flexible because it's uses extend far beyond simple use with YouTube Live. Organizations use the Pearl for local recordings and integration with solutions such as: Moodle, Blackboard, Media Site and Kaltura.

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