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SIIG powered USB extensions

SIIG powered USB extensions


USB Extension


USB 3.0 Extension cables

Providing a transfer speed powered by the USB 3.0 technology, these extension cables are able to provide super speed connectivity to devices without having to reach behind your computer. Increasing the quality of life for household consumers while reducing the workload on your business IT staff by simplifying the process of connecting various USB devices.

Working distance

Clocking in at a length of 15 meters, these cables are capable of moving your USB ports from the back of your computers to any spot in the room, but that's not all. These extension cables are also able to fully function in a daisy chain of up to 30 meters, so you can connect two of these together without losing any significant amount of power.

Data transfer speeds

Staying true to the USB 3.0 name, these extension cables are capable of transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps. Making sure that when it comes to extending USB 3.0 ports from the back of your computer, you're not missing out on any benefits.


SIIG USB 2.0 Extension cables

SIIG isn't holding back when it comes to USB 2.0, making use of the benefits that came with the USB 2.0 technology, these extension cables make sure that household users who simply want a USB extension cable don't leave unsatisfied.

These USB 2.0 extension cables are an affordable yet just as effective alternative to the 3.0 versions and here's why.

Working distance

One of the benefit which the USB 2.0 technology had was the ability to work at a higher range, instead of 30 meters, these  USB 2.0 extension cables are capable of connecting with itself up to four times, clocking in at a maximum working range of 60 meters.

Not only is this a major benefit for household users but many businesses also find this feature attractive enough to ignore the transfer speed losses.

Data transfer speeds

As expected, the transfer speed of their USB 2.0 extension cables are much lower and clock in at 480 Mbps. Although this number might seem unattractive, it should be kept in mind that this is the limit at which the USB 2.0 infrastructure can perform.

Similar points

Enough with the differences between their models, let's talk about why these SIIG cables are a good alternative to many traditional extension cables on the market.

Additional power

When multiple devices connect to the same USB port on a computer, power becomes a huge issue. These cables can be connected with an adapter to pump up the energy wherever it's required. Allowing you to connect multiple devices to a single port.


When it comes to features, it's obvious that these cables are packed full of them. But are the cables themselves good enough? Well the data traveling inside is fully shielded from the outside world. But that's not all.

Internal protective measures make sure that all the extra power added to the wires doesn't make its way back into the port or any other device which isn't interested in taking it. Keeping not only your devices powered at all times but also protected from power surges.

Plug & Play

There's no need to install fancy software, simply plug one end into your computer and connect the other with whatever device you want to use. No drivers necessary, no installation nece

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