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UVC Control Research Sources

UVC Control Research Sources

UVC Camera Control Research Areas

Hello UVC Control Followers!

            In this post we are outlining the main sources for research on the UVC Control protocols from: Mac, Windows, Linux Playstation, and Solaris. Most important for most users are the drivers for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The majority of users looking for pan tilt and zoom camera controls through UVC (just on USB cable connection to the computer) will be using video conferencing software installed on either a Mac or PC. It’s nice to see other operating systems following suit with support for UVC and we will outline them in this area.


Support Operating Systems



Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows CE 6.0 (UVC 1.0)

Windows 7 (UVC 1.1)

Windows 8 (UVC 1.5)



All software 10.4.3 or later ships with a UVC driver


All software after 2.6.26 includes UVC in the kernel source code

The latest “USB Device Class Definition for Video Devices” is revision 1.5 which is available for download here. This is the main document that includes information published for USB video devices and UVC camera control protocols. This list has contributors from Various companies including: Microsoft Corp, Texas Instruments, Intel Corp and Logitech Inc.

Linux UVC Control Drivers

   provides a list of Linux drivers and supported devices here: This list also acts as a mailing list which helps developers stay in touch about UVC control on Linux. This list mainly includes static webcams and some of the information is out of date. We are going to be reaching out to submit some of the newer Pan Tilt Zoom cameras that are controllable.

Mac OS UVC Control Drivers

            Apple does not maintain a supported USB webcam devices list to the best of our knowledge. Wikipedia provides a link to a software update which says “Includes…support for USB Video Class webcams” here: . Our experience with Mac and USB webcams has always been less functional than Windows. We have been told Mac is currently working on the actual kernel to include UVC camera control and make improvements to compatibility for UVC 1.5.

Microsoft UVC Control Drivers

            Microsoft is the obvious leader in defining USB Video classes and they provide detailed support information for UVC. Below you can see the USB Video Class support data from Microsoft. Microsoft supports the latest UVC control which is 1.5 in Windows 8. Windows 10 is not mentioned in this document. More information can be found: .

UVC Version

Windows Vista/XP

Windows 7

Windows 8

USB Video Class 1.5 (H.264 video codec)

Not supported

Not supported


USB Video Class 1.1

Not supported



USB Video Class 1.0





Linux surprisingly has more information on supported devices than Microsoft or Apple. Following IdeasOnBoard will most likely give us the detailed information we are searching for. Even IdeasOnBoard does not include information on Pan Tilt Zoom controls for USB webcams which is what we are interested in. More information is on the way. Stay tuned for more on UVC Camera Control J


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