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Comparing Crestron's Surface Hub Packages

Crestron is a strategic partner of Microsoft Surface Hub solutions and with a partnership that has lasted over 2 years Crestron has just announced the release of their brand new CrestronRL systems. They offers some exciting new hardware solutions to give the best user experience for the Microsoft Surface Hub and Skype for Business. The Microsoft Surface Hub is a large touchscreen device designed specifically for businesses and conference rooms with video conferencing and collaboration in mind. It allows more collaborative work and interactive meetings online through Skype for Business, Office 365 and just about any other video conferencing service. Crestron offers a four integration packages to complement the Surface Hub and increase user experience which we will review in this article.

CrestronRL Integrator Kits

Crestron offers two integrator kits independent of the Surface Hub. This gives users the flexibility of buying a Surface Hub display from any reseller or authorized distributor. The integrator kits includes different devices that help create a collaborative environment in the conference room. Both integrator kits come with base devices that include:

  • 1.A DigitalMedia Presentation System
  • 2.A tabletop touchscreen device
  • 3.A scheduling touchscreen
  • 4.Crestron Connect II (Crestron Fusion) Software

Integrator Kit #1

The integrator Kit 1 features Crestron's 3-series DMPS3-4K-150-C presentation system which is a 4K presentation switcher with fully automatic operation and DigitalMedia connectivity. It supports up to four Crestron's tabletop devices and ten simultaneously applications.

​Crestron DMPS3-4K-150-C Specifications
​Control System Memory
​·     1 GB SDRAM
​·     4Gb Flash ROM
·     100 Mbps Ethernet port
·     Cresnet
·     USB host ports
·     RS-232 ports
·     Serial Port
·     DigitalMedia
·     HDBaseT
·     HDMI port
·     10x1 auto-switcher
·     4K video scaler
· ​    4K Ultra HD support
·      10x1 stereo source switcher
·      Microphone Input Connections
·      Microphone In
​Video Input
·      4 x VGA ports
·      4 x HDMI ports
·      4 x Audio In ports
·      2 x DM In ports
​Video Output
·      1 x HDMI port
·      1 x DM port
·      1 x Audio out port

The integrator Kit also includes a 7-inch TSW-752 tabletop touchscreen that supports advance graphics, voice recognition, H.264 streaming, web browsing, PoE network power and Raza SIP Intercom. The tabletop touchscreen is for the meeting members to utilize during meetings and they can share their content directly on to the Surface Hub using the device.

​Crestron TSW-752 Specifications

​7-inch TFT touchscreen LCD with 800 x 480 resolution

​4 Gb Flash ROM
​Smart Graphics
​Voice Recognition
​Ethernet Port
​Built-in Microphone and Speakers
​Power over Ethernet
​Streaming formats: H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG

The third device included in the integrator kit is the 7-inch TSS-752 touchscreen scheduler that allows room scheduling and integrated support for Crestron Fusion software. It has the same specifications as TSW-752 but with different functionality.

Crestron TSS-752 Features
Schedule View – Displays a clear, at-a-glance view of the current reservation along with upcoming reservations and available time slots on a scrolling calendar ribbon. New reservations can be scheduled on the spot.
​Find – Allows you to quickly search all the rooms on the network, and reserve any room nearby, without leaving the touch screen you're at.
​End Now – Allows you to end a reservation early, making the room available to others immediately
Extend – Allows you to extend the current reservation if a meeting is running over and the room is still available.
Details – Provides additional information about a reservation.
Check In – This option requires the meeting organizer to check in before a meeting to confirm the reservation. If no one checks in, the room can automatically become available to others.
Availability Threshold – Reserves extra setup time ahead of the actual scheduled event. Eliminates the need to schedule a separate reservation for setup of furniture, refreshments, staging, and AV before a meeting, luncheon, or other event.

Custom Backgrounds – Allows you to change the background images that appear on each touch screen. Company logos and other custom graphics can be uploaded to the Fusion RV server or any Web server, enabling the graphics to be changed at any time by simply uploading a new image file to the server.

Localization – Supports international fonts and formats in combination with Fusion RV software.
Broadcast Messaging – Allows text bulletins, announcements, and other messages to be displayed on the touch screen. Emergency broadcasts can be accompanied by an alert sound, while non-emergency messages are displayed on the screen without disrupting its normal use.

PIN Code Authorization – Allows a 4-digit PIN code to be used to restrict access to certain functions such as reserving a room through the touch screen, viewing a private reservation, viewing details, checking into a meeting, extending a reservation, ending a reservation early, or accessing the touch screen configuration page.

To complete the solution package, Integrator Kit 1 includes Crestron Fusion state-of-the-art asset management software. It allows organizations to monitor and manage audio/video equipment, room scheduling, room lighting, temperature, shades and energy consumption. It gives more control to the IT managers for the AV equipment being used in the conference room. Crestron also offers the Cloud Edition of the software to manage and control everything remotely without needing to maintain additional servers in the office.

Integrator Kit #2

The Integrator Kit 2 is the flagship offering which has some upgrades over the first kit. In terms of the presentation system, it comes with same DMPS3-4K-150-C model and it also features the same 7-inch TSS-752 touchscreen scheduling device as seen in Kit 1.

As for the touchscreen tabletop device, users get an upgrade to the 10-inch TSW-1052 model. The only difference between the 7-inch and the 10-inch model is the screen size while rest of the specifications remain the same. The latter features a 10.1-inch TFT LCD screen with HD resolution and capacitive touch.

​Crestron TSW-752 Specifications

​10.1-inch TFT touchscreen LCD with 1280 x 800 resolution
​4 Gb Flash ROM
​Smart Graphics
​Voice Recognition
​Ethernet Port
​Built-in Microphone and Speakers
​Power over Ethernet
​Streaming formats: H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG

Additionally, Integrator Kit 2 also features AirMedia AM-100 Wireless presentation gateway which can connect up to 32 devices simultaneously and stream video on to the screen. It supports all operating systems including iOS and Android mobile OSes to stream video from a smartphone or a tablet. It also supports a range of file types including Office productivity files as well as JPEG pictures. It is equipped with one HDMI, one VGA port and one Ethernet port.

Another additional piece of hardware included in the Integrator Kit 2 is the USB extender. The USB kit includes 2 USB extender over Ethernet remote versions and one USB extender over Ethernet local model. The USB extender kits connect to DigitalMedia presentation system and provide seamless routing of all types of USB signals alongside audio and video. Users can access any pc, media server or a game console anywhere in the office building with his/her own mouse and keyboard. USB Extender remote offers connectivity for up to four USB devices while USB extender local can connect only one device at a time.

Integrator Kit 2 also includes Crestron Fusion software for asset and device management. It integrates with all of the above devices to provide an integrated control system to the IT manager.

Both Integrator Kits also include Crestron Connect It tabletop presentation and cable management device. It offers one-touch control over the device. Users can easily connect their device to the meeting equipment via tabletop Connect It caddy. It offers one 120v outlet and up to four customer-supplied cables such as VGA, HDMI or audio. Integrator Kit 1 includes one Connect It caddy while Integrator Kit 2 includes two tabletop caddies.

Lastly both kits come with the necessary cables to connect all the devices and setup the Surface Hub solution package from Crestron. Prices of both kits can be confirmed by contacting the supplier directly or any one of the manufacturer's partnered resellers.

Surface Hub Bundles

Crestron offers four Surface Hub Bundles to its customers. Business professionals can choose the complete bundle according to their requirements. The bundles includes:

Surface Hub Bundle 1:

Bundle 1 includes Integrator Kit 1 along with a 55-inch Microsoft Surface Hub display. This is entry level solution for small and medium businesses who want to setup their own meeting room with Surface Hub. It includes everything from the Integrator Kit 1 along with a 55-inch 1080p touchscreen Surface Hub system.

Surface Hub Bundle 2:

Bundle 2 is for a slightly larger room with more meeting members. It comes with the same Integrator Kit 1 but with an 84-inch 4K Ultra HD Surface Hub display. Integrator Kit 1 already includes all the necessary equipment to support 4K streaming and the large 84-inch screen is be ideal for large conference rooms.

Surface Hub Bundle 3:

Bundle 3 features Integrator Kit 2 and a 55-inch Surface Hub system. Bundle 3 will allow more devices to be connected in the meeting room and USB extenders will give users the option to remotely control any system in the office. The 55-inch Surface Hub display is sufficient for small and medium rooms and AirMedia AM-100 wireless presentation connectivity will allow several devices to connect to the display simultaneously.

Surface Hub Bundle 4:

Bundle 4 is the flagship bundle that includes an 84-inch Microsoft Surface Hub display along with Integrator Kit 2. It includes everything that is needed for a large room and plenty of devices. It gives the best Surface Hub experience to the user and it is ideal when there are a lot of meeting members present in the same room. Integrator Kit 2 already includes 4K supported hardware so users can enjoy Ultra HD streaming without any issues.


As a certified Crestron Dealer I can't tell you how excited our team is to start working with these systems. As always we have some questions. Why are there no USB 3.0 ports? How easy will the systems really be to install? The last generation of CrestronRL systems weren't exactly what we hoped for in the end but Crestron has produced extremely well crafted Microsoft integration. After 2 years of working closely with Microsoft it looks like Crestron is going to get it right this time. 

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