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Skype for Business Remote PTZ Control with the Logitech CC3000e

Skype for Business Remote PTZ Control with the Logitech CC3000e

Skype for Business Far End Camera Control Software

Hello USB Pros!

So everyone knows about the new Logitech cc3000e by now right? This has been a great easy to use USB 2.0 video conferencing camera (beside the sub-par speakerphone) for under $1,000! So one thing a lot of people don't know is that the Logitech CC3000e also comes with a free Skype for Business / Microsoft Lync video conferencing plugin that provides the far end with video camera pan tilt zoom controls. Logitech has stated that that both ends do require a "conference cam" meaning either a cc3000e or a bcc950 ptz camera at both ends. Therefore not too many people have actually had a chance to try out this free video conferencing plug-in for skype for business that logitech has made. 

In the video below, Paul Richards, from Conference Room Systems show us the Logitech cc3000e Skype for Business plugin in action using two computers to show remote control over (Microsoft Lync when the video was recorded and posted to YouTube) now Skype for Business. So without further explanation check out this great video of the Logitech cc3000e plug-in in action online using a Windows computer connected to a gigabit network with a 50M up/down network. 

If you have used the logitech cc3000e remote pan tilt zoom plug-in for Skype for Business or Microsoft Lync let us know what you thought! This is a great example of UVC camera control. See our UVC camera control article here: UVC Camera Control and why it is the future? The Logitech cc3000e uses only 1 USB 2.0 cable that comes out of a proprietary USB hub. The webcam and speakerphone include 16' proprietary cables that connect to this USB hub which provides both the camera and speakerphone power. From here the USB hubs can pass UVC control for the camera's Pan Tilt & Zoom operations. No the 16' cables cannot be extended at this time but you can extend the USB 2.0 with a USB 2.0 extension. For more about USB extensions see here: Part 2 - Why USB 3.0 for AV & USB cabling limitations/extensions

Kudos, to Logitech for creating a dynamic plugin for Skype for Business and thanks for reading another post by the USB Pros!

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