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Part 4 - Breaking the Chain & Wireless USB

Part 4 - Breaking the Chain & Wireless USB

Breaking the Chain – Going “Wireless” with USB 3.0 Cameras

There is now another means with which to extend USB 3.0 which does not require custom cabling, an additional AC outlet at the device or even the labor required for installation.  Wireless transport for USB 3.0 cameras is now available in the HuddleCam Air 12x and HuddleCam Air 20x camera models, available from HuddleCamHD.  The 12x unit is perfect for the small, medium or large conference room.  The 20x unit is perfect for longer shots in the largest conference rooms, auditoriums and other large spaces.  These cameras provide best in class performance among USB 3.0 cameras as well as the benefits of wireless with near-zero latency for crisp, clear HD conferencing up to 1080p-30.

The cost effectiveness, convenience and user friendliness of soft codec and web based video conferencing is now available in practically any space you can envision it.  Not only have you cut out the cost and hassle of selecting and installing a wired extension system but your system is also portable and may be relocated by simply unplugging the camera and receiver and moving them to another venue.

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