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Review of Live Broadcasting Services

Review of Live Broadcasting Services

YouTube has recently entered the market of live streaming and online broadcasting, In addition to already being known as the most versatile online platform for streaming videos, YouTube is backed by its own infrastructure making it possible for them to offer all these services, completely free of charge, forcing other companies to think twice about their current price plans. In this article we are reviewing the top online live broadcasting services and the differences between these services. If your interested in using YouTube Live don't forget to check out our "Why YouTube LIve is BIG deal" post.

YouTube Live

Offering pretty much all the features which other services provide with no charges or obstructive advertisement is what YouTube does best. Where other companies would ask for money, YouTube has offered all of their services for completely free in an attempt to grow the Google network of services.

Let's simply take a look at the features that YouTube offers while comparing it to other services at the same time. However, before we begin, let's take a look at a common term in the market, "VH" or Viewer Hours, it's basically a number which denotes how many hours worth of bandwidth has been used and you'll see it used on nearly any premium streaming service.

Regardless of whether your viewers are watching your stream at HD or a lower quality, it counts towards the same number, 10 viewer hours can be anything from 10 viewers watching for an hour or 600 viewers watching for just a minute each.


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