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Controlling multiple Cameras using UVC Control

Controlling multiple Cameras using UVC Control

UVC Camera Control works simulataneuosly with video streaming over a single USB cable to provide camera control for Pan Tilt and Zoom.

Martha Donohue, Crestron & Extron Certified Programmer from HSI, Inc

In this video Paul Richards, takes us through UVC camera on VSee and VSee is a highly regarding video conferencing software in the telemedicine space. The have partnered with HuddleCamHD to provide a UVC camera control integration that allows far end camera control for users such as doctors and nurses. In this application, far end camera control of multiple cameras has benefits for efficiency and usability in the medical industry. Since HuddleCamHD provides some of the highest quality Pan Tilt Zoom USB cameras they were a natural partner for VSee when selecting a camera manufacture to work with capabilities of UVC Camera Control.

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