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The Epiphan Pearl - ProAV Getting it Right!

The Epiphan Pearl - ProAV Getting it Right!

Hello USBPro Readers!

Today we wanted to talk about an amazing new streaming/live recording product AND a Professional AV manufacture "Getting it Right"! For those of you who have not heard of Epiphan Systems, they are a high end Pro AV manufacture from Canada who specializes is industries such as: Medical, Legal, Goverment, Education and Corporate. Their newest product the Epiphan Pearl is a ground breaking solution for live broadcast recording and streaming which is winning awards across the industry. Although the system doesn't have a USB output (my only gripe), but with RTSP/RTMP streaming integration with YouTube Live we thought this system needs a USB Pros review. This systems for me wins the best combination of affordability, functionality and ease of use award for live broadcast and streaming in a compact solution. 

The free streaming to YouTube is so easy to set up everyone should see it in action! With the Epiphan Pearl you can stream up to 50 unicast video streams but with YouTube Live you can serve your video and audio stream to 1000's of viewers for free! Taking advantage of this great technology and learn more about this amazing new technology here in our blog post about it.

The Epiphan Pearl includes a 1 Terabyte local hard drive to store over 260 Hours worth of HD video. The on board hard drive makes it easy to take the Pearl on your every day regular broadcasts without having to worry about storing multiple video streams for "post-production".

The Epiphan hard case really makes the Pearl a live broadcast companion. The pictures below show the custom cut Epiphan Pearl hard case which also has space below for cables and the power supply. 

The touch screen is built to monitor your video, switch between sources and arrange your camera layouts. You also have control via the IP interface where you can apply custom branding and set up channels and preset layouts. It's just too easy to have your touch screen control for recording and layout transitioning. 

In a nutshell, the Epiphan Pearl provides video and audio recording and streaming with a easy to use touch screen. The Pearl supports 4 HD video sources simultaneously with both HDMI and HD-SDi video inputs available. At first look the Pearl looks sexy and approachable which is of course the goal when it comes to providing a live recording and streaming device you want a professor to be able to operate. The basic idea is that all the configurations and settings are handled through a IP connection interface that does not clutter up the touch screen. So the touch screen itself shows the results of the configuration which is normally pre-done by a IT or AV professional. 

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