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Integrating Skype for Business with Google Calendars

Integrating Skype for Business with Google Calendars

Hello USB Pros!
So this has been a fun topic to work on because I searched and searched and there did not seem to be anyone who has gone over a solution for integrating Skype for Business with Google Calendars. That being said there is no great integration but we have found a work around. There is a company called CloudPipes who is calculating demand for a direct plug-in style integration between Google Calendars and Skype for Business which would make things so much easier for everyone! Until that day we have a work around which you can use in a couple different ways to schedule your Skype for Business meeting with Google Calendars.  

The Problem

The problem is that Skype for Business is built around Microsoft Exchange and anyone looking to schedule their video meetings using Google Calendars will find it difficult to do so. There is no direct integration with Skype for Business and Google Calendars available (as of July 2015) and this makes it almost impossible to schedule a Skype for Business meeting if you don't have Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. Most people who do have Microsoft Exchange and Outlook can simply schedule a Skype for Business meeting right in Outlook. But since there is no plugin for Google Hangouts users are going to have to use our "work around".

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