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Comparing SONY's first USB camera to the rest of the market

Comparing SONY's first USB camera to the rest of the market

So if you haven't heard SONY finally came out with a USB PTZ camera, the SRG-120DU! They have taken a long time since companies such as HuddleCamHD, InFocus, PTZOptics and Vaddio have been in the market. So will SONY make a BIG splash? 

I think so. We have a complete comparison here and even though there more affordable options (PTZOptics in particular) I think SONY's reach and huge distribution will make the SONY SRG120DU a success. Whether or not ProAV will favor a few of the cameras we have on our comparison list might be a different story.

In this blog post we are going to compare the SONY SRG-120DU in a review where we take the camera specifications with side by side features from PTZOptics and Vaddio's comparable models. PTZOptics 12X-USB and Vaddio's RoboShot 12X USB are strikingly similar when it comes to optical zoom (excatly the same) and the field of view which is 71, 72.5 and 73 degrees. In all honesty these are probably the same field of view just measured with a degree of error variance. I would guess SONY is the most strict with their measurements and therefore gave the SRG-120DU a 71 when Vaddio gave the RoboShot at 73. Since the SRG-120DU is still not out yet it's hard to say if the field of will be noticeably more narrow but I think this is a mute point for most consumers.

SONY SRG-120DU Market Comparison

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